Melt a beer bottle in a microwave


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  1. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    #8: that text appeared when I added the embed code to the post. I couldn’t figure out a way to get rid of it. The WeShow didn’t select anything and I have never heard of the WeShow before until I came across that video.

  2. thetimidvegan says:

    Sweet plasma!
    And Fat Tire…mmm!

  3. thomashorne says:

    OMG ! Philip K. Dick is ALIIIIIVE !!!!

  4. Takuan says:


    we need a special word for that brain stem buddy, I can’t count how many times it saved me….

  5. beatnik says:

    Awesome video.

    @Hyperkine – Yes. Instead of dried up, crusty debris in the microwave, it’s wet and hot and much easier to clean off.

    You don’t need to ‘microwave boiling water’, just put a mostly full bowl or large pyrex mixing bowl in there and bring it to boil, 5 – 10 min max.

  6. darrell says:


    As any good theist will tell you, that was an angel whispering in your ear. Jeez, you didn’t know that?

  7. Takuan says:

    angels don’t use that language. Also, the sanctimonious pricks like you to get killed so they can lord it over you in the afterlife.

  8. Takuan says:


  9. cortana says:

    Did we forget to post the link?

  10. bpratt says:

    “Unwise Microwave Experiments” indeed.

    I once had the bright idea of trying to dry out a narrow necked glass vase by heating it in the microwave (the idea was to heat the water in the vase so it would exit as steam). After a minute or two I was surprised to see a glowing spot on the vase. Hmm, didn’t know you could do that – open the door to inspect – put face right in there for a good look – tiny voice in brainstem screams SHUT THE DOOR, MORON! – just as the door closes the vase explodes from the insanely uneven heating. Better to me lucky than smart, I guess.

  11. Landowner says:

    “And it looks like it’s too hot to touch.”
    Gosh, you think?

  12. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    No, it’s an embedded video.

  13. wangleberry says:

    to do list:
    #84: Melt a bear bottle in my microwave

  14. calanan says:

    A splendid beer selection.

  15. paulatz says:

    The physical explanation actually makes sense; but I don’t believe for a second that those engineers forgot the bowl of water for 10 ours in the µhoven by mistake.

  16. the_boy says:

    man, microwaves and glass. I once burnt a marshmallow on a plate for probably between 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and the marshmallow grew gigantic with a charcoal core while the plate had a hole burnt through the bottom. Exciting, but all kinds of dumb

  17. Evil Jim says:

    Before I watched the video I was originally thinking “Why not call this ‘Melt a beer bottle with a blowtorch’?” but the principle makes sense. I like the plasma!

  18. Transmission3000 says:

    I once microwaved a Pop-Tart for 5 minutes, mainly because I wasn’t paying attention. I mean…how could anything heat up in 5 seconds? Anyhowways, when I discovered my error, it was too late: The Pop-Tart had become a puddle of charcoal, bonded to the plate.

  19. Takuan says:

    now I know how to make glass a conductor, thanks BB!

  20. Bill Beaty says:

    That’s a famous microwave oven; it’s the same one I’ve been using for ten years worth of “unwise experiments.” And for cooking! It’s still in my kitchen. No real damage, just some charred paint on the chamber ceiling (from plasma blobs.)

    Oh, and the video itself is hosted at metacafe:

  21. bobkat says:

    the plasma was fricken awesome!

  22. Crunchbird says:

    Just out of curiosity, what does the tag mean that says, “This video was selected by WeShow”?

  23. hyperkine says:

    Does microwaving boiling water really work well for cleaning a microwave?

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