Pinhole camera from iPhone box

Scot Hampton converted the sturdy iPhone box into a handsome and effective pinhole camera, the iHole. From his build notes:
IholecammmI tried to keep it simple and the only external items I used were tape, tinfoil (for the lens), a piece of foam, and a leftover screw and tightener from an old ikea desk. Oh, I also used a black washer for the cover of the lens but that was purely cosmetic. I used the cardboard lining that was on the inside of the original box to construct the film holders on the back. I even left the serial numbers intact, so if my roommate ever needed to return it he could ...I’m not switching until they work on other networks...

I suppose it might have been symbolic to take the first pictures of an actual iPhone, but that’s so cliche.


  1. Why is this even posted? I am not normally a negative person but this is a waste of space and time. So what if he cut a hole in a box and put a camera in it. Would it have been posted if the box was plain cardboard? This is FAR from a “pinhole” camera,,, I’ve never seen pins that big!

  2. actually, I used a fine needle; barely poked thru the tinfoil. The large opening you see is just a larger hole I created so I could swap out the tinfoil/interchangable lenses, from the inside, in case a particular needle/pin size wasn’t working.

  3. Alas, people need to think about about where what they use every day came from. I love “Rough Science”, ever watch it?

  4. great result pictures!

    I’m really impressed at the clarity and contrast in them.

    (i know having iPhone written on the box doesn’t distinguish it from the countless other tried and tested pinhole cams, but it’s just nice to be reassured of what a cardboard box, some film and a very small hole can do)

    well done :)

  5. FYI the pix overlap cuz I underestimated the focal plane, and didn’t wind the film far enough. thanks for the props :)

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