Psycho inspired bathroom

Michelle of CRAFT magazine blog says:
200802131032Craftster member Rockstarcrafter posted before-and-after photos of her Hitchcock-inspired Psycho bathroom. It might not be for everyone, but it is definitely one way to go for crafty film buffs.


  1. All implied, Tak. Odd enough wandering into your friends bathroom and finding ‘blood’ anywhere. Bates Motel neon sign is a nice touch.

  2. Totally not wonderful.

    The shower curtain and the neon sign are both purchased from a store, and the only handmade “crafty” thing here is the painted blood on the ceiling (implying that someone UPSTAIRS got stabbed).

    This is like buying a poster of dogs playing pool, hanging it on the wall and then surrounding it with actual pool cues.

  3. Nothing original lately, I’ve been trying to learn some new Flash skills ;-) although I did several pages of concept drawings of guys with swords the other day in my sketchbook

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