Daniel Clowes' "Mister Wonderful" free PDF download

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The New York Times has the full run of Daniel Clowes' (Ghost World, David Boring) "Mister Wonderful" online for free in PDF format. Link (Thanks, Adrienne!)


  1. I met Clowes a few years back at the MoCCA Festival in NYC and told him I’d used Ghost World for a class I taught on comics at my alma mater. Turns out his sister went there, too.

    I wish he’d get back to putting out Eightball more than twice a decade, but these PDFs help tide me over… for now.

  2. Great post for SAD (Singleness Awareness Day). What Marshall felt in this story was so uncomfortably close to how I feel at times that I almost cried in my cube while I read this at lunch.

    Dan Clowes is a genius.

  3. That’s some seriously good stuff. I was there a long fucking time. I think I was there yesterday, actually.

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