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 Snowman 1 Over at the MAKE: Blog, Mike Dixon posted his first installment of "Made In Japan," a weekly roundup of DIY activities happening there. Seen here is a snow sculpture of the villainous Baikinman from the anime series Anpanman. Made In Japan Vol.1 also features circuit-bent Pikachus, recipes for fermented soybean-based Natto, and eccentric maker Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, inventor of the floppy disk.


  1. There’s a article on this wonderful post talking about why the iPhone will fail in Japan. Oddly enough, we recently did a podcast episode on Japanese phones with none other than Joel Johnson of BoingBoing Gadgets. We also came to many of the same conclusions of the article, but it should give your readers some more insight into Japanese mobile phone culture. You can listen to this episode of Dai-Cast over at

    Just search for Joel Johnson, or Dai-Cast Zeta 002

  2. Jeff – Natto is kind of unworldly… When you stir it up, the only way I can describe the strings is to compare it too those high school experiments where you make nylon. Those sorts of strings should not show up in nature…

    As for the smell and the taste, it’s a mixed bag. The smell will put some people off (myself included), as it seems close to old socks. Get over the smell though (if you can), and the taste is not bad; a little like a mild cheese like brie.

    I still can’t eat it though, on account of the cognitive dissonance around the sights and smells of it. And I know, I had the chance to do so just today, during school lunch at the Junior High I teach at here in Japan…

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