Color the brain's fear system


(Click on image to embiggen) I went to the California Science Center with my four-year-old daughter and they had a great exhibit called Goosebumps: The Science of Fear. One station shocked kids at random intervals, another station made it seem like you were sticking your hand into a terrarium filled with poison snakes and spider, another one had a device that you strapped yourself into to simulate falling.

I liked this handout for kids to color the brain's fear system. Link


  1. Hey Mark, that’s pretty cool. Is anime style drawings pretty big these days in California that it can feature in a science museum?

  2. Map It link not working with Opera…advertise away but is it too much to ask to not disregard web standards in Boing Boing?

  3. If we teach children that fear is a scientifically quantifiable, evolutionarily explainable, and psychologically controllable phenomenon, how can we expect them to fear their god, their government, and (most of all) the TERRISTS?

  4. is this the California Science Center or the California Pseudo-Torture Center?

    unexpected shocks? replicating the feeling of falling? poisonous animals?

    best science/torture museum ever!

  5. #2

    Add it to the list: here :)

    I already got safari, firefox and IE on parallels/win and OSX, I had wondered about Opera the other browsers.

  6. Quick, someone send this to worth1000 – I’d love to see their versions of this illustration. I imagine replacing the call-outs with things like “TSA,” “9-11,” “Threat level: orange,” “Foreigners are stealing your jobs,” etc. – and that’s not even the most Photoshoppy possibility.

  7. MOONBAT @ #10:
    Thank you. I was going to do that… then I remembered that I don’t have Photoshop.

  8. Hi Mark, I just wanted to note that there are two mistakes in this drawing. The definitions for the amygdala and prefrontal cortex have been inadvertently switched.

    The amygdala is the portion of the limbic system that deals with remembered fear.

    The prefrontal cortex is the portion of the brain that makes judgement calls that lead to a physical action.

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  10. I visited this exhibit a few months ago, and it was fairly interesting; for those concerned, the various types of scares (random shocks, poisonous animals, falls) were found in separate cubical-like rooms with big signs over the entrances describing what lay inside, so no real risk of doing something you didn’t want to do. And the “fall machine” was basically a table-like thing which rotated upwards; you were strapped in while standing up, and the table fell backwards until you were on your back. There was a huge line for that, so apparently everyone else seemed to like the idea.

  11. I’m with you Panda. The MS ads are icky. I never thought I’d see ads masquerading as stories on boingboing. My visits have dropped off over the last few days. Now I’m just visiting to see what people are saying about the bb/MS marriage. Looks like they are having a fabulous honeymoon in L.A.

    I’m not saying I won’t be back, but I’ll never feel the same way about this blog, especially after the way this was handled.

  12. @4 – And maybe we can teach them to be afraid to spell badly in public forums. People seem to have lost that particular fear of public embarrassment.

    As for ads…well, they pay the bills.

  13. @19- I think the funny spelling of terrorists in #4 was intentional and in reference to the way the word is pronounced by that same guy who says NUKE-U-LER.

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