Robot play Towers of Hanoi on iPhone

Here's a 3-fingered robot designed to play the supremely monotonous Towers of Hanoi game at breakneck speed. Build details here: Link


  1. I just hope that they don’t do the 64-disk version… it’s all fun and games until you end the universe with your little toy.

  2. Thanks for posting this, I have been obsessed with finishing this game for the past few days. Now I don’t have to bother. As much as I wanted to get to the ‘end’ the tedium was killing me.

  3. I remember in Jr. high figuring out the equation for the least number of moves necessary. It’s (2^x)-1 where x is the number of disks. Then I went out and collected a bunch of coins of different sizes and tried to get other kids to wager some money on whether they could solve a four coin puzzle within a minute. If they did it with no problem, I told them double or nothing with only one more coin.

    Hubris was their downfall.

  4. Um what are those robot “fingers” made out of? The only thing my iTouch will respond to is human fingers.

  5. Sorry. Next time I will read the post first. Now I will have to dust off my old relays and automate Pocket Guitar!

  6. I remember a myth where there was a massive 12 disc tower of hanoi puzzle made out of solid gold (I think it was 12 discs) and when it would be finally solved the world would come to an end. Lets keep the robots away from THAT one shall we?

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