Submersible car


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  1. erindipity says:

    Too perfect, an amphibious Lotus Esprit! Let’s be frank, it’s more Ã¥wesome than Ã¥wesome! I mean, surely the man is a Genius. I would kneel before this Machine to bask in its scintillating display of style, versatility, and beauty. It’s very mark of brilliance is matched only by my revered BoingBoing.

    I’d bet we’d see some weird fishes if we took a 3 hour tour in this baby, hey Pesco? ;)

  2. The Thompson Five says:

    “Also excellent for tearing apart endangered coral reefs, polluting the water, and randomly killing wildlife for no reason.”

    Well what the fucking hell is the ocean for?

  3. Biscuit4 says:

    “All cars are submersible” That is a fantastic point.

  4. Chris Brewer says:

    Top Gear had a look at Rinspeed way back in 2002, I believe. Back then it was a Lotus Elise/Hyrdofoil hybrid that went plenty fast enough over water…

  5. larf says:

    Patrick Duffy: The Man from Atlantis!

  6. Yankadian says:

    Who would want this, apart from Ted Kennedy?

  7. Jali says:

    I would never this car…
    1.5 million and 1.8 mph top speed under water.
    no way.

    nice car by the way.

  8. Biscuit4 says:

    Ted Kennedy! Too funny!

  9. whyohwhy says:


  10. arbitraryaardvark says:


  11. bobsyeruncle says:

    Neet! 1.8mph? I guess you’re hoping the enemy subs aren’t expecting your Esprit to stroll up and pay them a visit. LOL

  12. argentium says:

    All cars are submersible.

  13. bricology says:

    So they took a butt-ugly Lotus Elise and tarted it up so it will operate — extremely slowly — underwater, with the occupants getting soaked. Thrilling!

    I love the point in the video where the two scuba divers go speeding past, pulled by their cheap little scuba-tows, leaving the $400,000 car in the dust, er — damp. And it’s hilarious that, at the end, they show Captain Smarmy and Miss Bleached Bimbo standing there, perfectly coiffed and dressed. Aren’t these the same people who were soaking wet just a few minutes earlier? Does the Rinspeed have built-in hair dryers and clothes dryers? In reality, they’d be a soggy mess.

    Note to Rinspeed: don’t bother us again until you can make your car’s cabin actually stay dry, and make the car go faster than 1.8mph underwater. Even as toys for the idle rich go, this thing is just laughable.

  14. Steve Lodefink says:


    However, I would have done it as a Mach5.

  15. Fnarf says:

    Also excellent for tearing apart endangered coral reefs, polluting the water, and randomly killing wildlife for no reason.

    I want the death penalty.

  16. fashionparamedic says:

    OMG Yankadian, you did not just go there . . .

  17. arkizzle says:

    “” For safety reasons, we have built the vehicle as an open car so that the occupants can get out quickly in an emergency “”

    right.. not because it’s a half-assed attempted at a car/sub.

    FAIL !!

  18. Bob says:

    I liked the apparent remote control aspect better than the open top super slow sub feature.

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