Disneyland by jetpack

  Sgyulzoqcga R7Yzr8B8S7I Aaaaaaaabyg Cx3Raycfrhy S1600 Rocketman2+Paleo+Future Paleo-Future posted an inspiring 1966 video of a gentleman flying over Disneyland in a jetpack. The flight was part of the inauguration of Disneyland's second decade and seen on the television program Disneyland TV. The entire episode is included on the Disneyland: Secrets, Stories & Magic DVD.


  1. That video clip cheats a bit: It intercuts helicopter footage of Disneyland. And the soundtrack has not only music, but jet-turbine sound effects, which sound nothing like rocket belt. In reality, one hears a roar of white noise. Check for the real thing on Youtube.

    I’m not sure who the pilot is, but I’ll guess either Bill Suitor or Bob Courter.

    To see even better footage, take a look at what Tom Lennon, Bell’s photographer, and his team cooked up when they mounted a camera on the RB, rigged model rockets under the control arms, and went over to Fort Niagara for the scenery:

    The Disneyland flights of 1965 were a turning point in the rocket belt story, for it was there that Nelson Tyler met the Bell Aerospace pilots and enthusiastically posed for snapshot after snapshot with them. Years later, they learned that Nelson had surreptitiously placed a scale in every photo– the better to measure dimensions on every part of the rocket belt– and constructed a duplicate. Tyler’s belt was still flying years after Bell shut down their rocket belt business.

  2. @Bill Higgins (#1), Thanks for that link and info. That story about Nelson Tyler and “measurement” photos is a trip!

  3. “Disneyland” was the name of the black and white Walt Disney show that ran on ABC in the 1950’s. By the time this color footage aired, Walt Disney had switched his show to NBC and called it “The Wonderful World of Color.”

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