Draft Larry Lessig for Congress!


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  1. zachlipton says:

    Lessig is a great scholar, advocate, and man, but I really can’t support him for the CA-12 seat. Jackie Speier, the Democrat currently running for that seat, is an extraordinary politician who’s time in Congress is well due. It would be a shame for Lessig to take that away from her. In any case, I can’t help but feel he’s more valuable as a scholar and advocate focusing on single important issues, rather than as a member of Congress where his attention would be divided amongst many matters under debate.

  2. Melissa at ActBlue says:

    Hi I’m Melissa Ryan, the Netroots Coordinator at ActBlue. Larry Lessig is now a candidate. The contributions from his draft fund will be transferred to his campaign account. You can now contribute to Lessig’s campaign or create your own fundraising page here.

    If anyone has any further questions my email is Melissa@actblue.com

  3. pacbeller says:

    I have to agree with zacklipton. Jackie Speier is an exceptional all-around candidate, and I think she has always struck me as a highly intelligent and sincere woman who would likely be friendly to what Lawrence Lessig had to say. I say that not just from wishful thinking, but because she led the fight in the California State Senate against banks selling their customer’s private information to third parties, and to keep medical records private. She has a track record of working to protect citizen privacy. I hope I am recalling this correctly, but I seem to recall that her efforts in this area were fought, if not partially thwarted, by the Republicans and Bushies in Washington. If I lived in that district, I would vote for her in a heartbeat.

  4. AceJohnny says:

    I dunno. He wants to fight corruption, but I’m afraid he’d get mired in the politicking marsh that is congress…

  5. Sean Eric FAgan says:

    I’m hesitant to use the web sites, due to politicians and political organizations choosing to spam me despite frequent and blatant requests to not do so… is there a physical location I can mail a check or letter to?

  6. Mllerustad says:

    While I would prefer a Justice Lessig or Attorney General Lessig, if a Congress seat is the opportunity of the moment I’m more than in favor of it.

    If Lessig can walk the anti-corruption walk that he talks about (or will be talking about in the coming years), it’s all the better for shaming less-scrupulous politicians.

  7. Zac Garrett says:

    “Paid for by ActBlue (www.actblue.com) and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions to ActBlue are not tax deductible.”

    Sorry, I dont trust that site. I will donate money to him if he does become an official candidate with a trustworthy web site.

  8. Sean Eric FAgan says:

    ActBlue is, to the best of my knowledge, trustworthy. Their purpose in life is to support politicians and candidates who support certain platforms; they collect money and funnel it on.

    You can, of course, make your own judgment, but I do trust them to send the money where they say they will.

    (Most of my knowledge of ActBlue comes from DailyKos. They’re obviously biased ;).)

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