R2D2 cake

I'm extremely impressed with this 3D R2D2 cake from NYC baker Mark Randazzo. No idea what it tastes like, but that's some pressy sharp edible sculpture. Link


  1. Taste would likely include flavors of cardstock, wood, possibly metal, chewy mostly tasteless sugar and then some cake. In most cases these cakes are a lie.

  2. It’s technically a cake, but really, it’s a marzipan sculpture. Has anyone ever tasted one of these things? Are they worth eating, or is it just piles of generic yellow cake encased in marzipan?

  3. Should have been “data.” R2’s best work can be found on Roboporn.org. Little guy is always sticking his thing in strange computers. I hear he’s quite the popular tool at cylon parties.

  4. #5 you are right it was fondant. It was the cake my wife got my 35th birthday party. She got at Mark Joseph Cakes in NY. It was actually quite tasty; chocolate cake with a chocolate “mousey” cream underneath the fondant. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and this really tasted good… even 3 days after the party.

    The only “problem” was decapitating R2 in front of my friends in order to serve it. I felt like Darth Vader blasting him in the trench outside the death star.

  5. I recently made a cake based on this one. He gave a recipe for marshmallow fondant that was very easy to make, and quite delicious. My 7-year old son and his friends loved it! (So much better than store-bought fondant, and much less expensive too!). I have to say, though, that the frame made out of wood, etc. was unnecessary. I made mine out of two supports on the bottom (foil covered ceramic mini loaf pans), with a flat plate at the base with the cake on top. You could also use covered 2×4 scraps cut the the right size, covered in foil, then covered in fondant.

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