Severed feet washed up in Canada

A severed right foot, wearing a sneaker, was found on Friday washed up on the shore of Valdes Island in British Columbia, Canada. It's actually the third foot to turn up in six months on the small islands between Vancouver Island and the coast of B.C. The previous two were also right feet and sneakered. From The Province:
Jeff Dolen, B.C.'s assistant deputy chief coroner, said although it is somewhat common to find individual body parts, this is "the first instance of three such similar remains being discovered" in such proximity. "We'll be using pathology examinations and anthropology examinations to garner as much information as we possibly can about the remains," he said...

It is common for hands, feet and the head to detach as a body decomposes, said Gail Anderson, a forensic entomologist from Simon Fraser University who has submerged pigs in the ocean to study decomposition.

Generally, she said, those limbs do not float. "Obviously there's some sort of current picking up light items and washing them to those particular areas," said Anderson.
Link (via Fortean Times)


  1. Submerging pigs to study decomposition. Apart from tossing off turkeys, anyone ever had a more horrible job than this?

  2. What I found odd about this is that all three were right feet, with sneakers.

    Are people mutating into mermen/mermaids and casting off their right foot in the process?

  3. Perhaps the sneakers were the kind with air pockets in them, making them more likely to float. Anyway, I’d put my money on cargo-ship crews getting into drunken brawls, killing one another, and arranging speedy burials at sea.

  4. Size 12?!?
    3 of them?
    all right foot

    It’s a Chinese barge of body parts.
    Clearance items.
    Think, “the island of misfit toys”.

  5. LOL about the Dexter comment. :-D

    Those feet are washing up not too terribly far from here. I hope they don’t find their way a little south. :(

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