1960s police movie, "LSD: Trip or Trap?"

The Inglewood Police Department's 1960s video, "LSD: Trip or Trap?" is a classic of the genre. Alex sez, "It's a story of two friends who enjoy flying model planes, except that one becomes an 'acidhead' so he can be 'groovy' with the other acidheads. The other does research into LSD and decides it's a 'bummer'." Link


  1. Wait, LSD was legal at one point? I’m just going to run on the assumption that we didn’t have a FDA at that time.

    Still better than Salvia.

  2. you have to slow down proportionately to the increasing size of the red lights in front of you. one should also realize that it’s not really taking 20 minutes to drive one block.

  3. #2, Agent 86: The FDA has existed since ~1930.

    LSD was synthesised for the first time in 1938, and its psychedelic properties were discovered in 1943- it was only banned in the US when it started being used recreationally on a large scale. (And was presumably considered a danger to public health).

    Under US law, any newly-discovered drug not ‘substantially similar’ to an existing controlled substance will be legal until specifically scheduled.

  4. Hillarious! It even came complete with the stretched out wavery audio track I remember so well from school.

    I would like to find some of the old gory drivers education tapes that showed car wrecks complete with mangled corpses.

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