A.viary: powerful online image editor for making visual mashups

The Worth1000 folks have just shipped A.viary, a powerful, simple online image editor optimized for making photoshopped mashups of two or more images. Shown here is a Hillary/Obama mashup, created with A.viary (see video link below to see how it worked). A.viary is still in private beta, but they're offering free signups to the first 100 Boing Boing readers who follow the link below. Go make stuff! Link to A.viary, Link to video demo of A.viary in action


  1. I really don’t care about the subject, but some of the tools seem pretty sophisticated for a Flash-based app…

    Looks like the Flex development platform has paid off for MM/Adobe by attracting “pure” application developers.

  2. Can’t you just say ‘juxtaposition’? ‘Mash-up’ is a term related to music remixing. Buzz words are annoying. When are you going to post about ‘DRM-free steampunk disney-lego mashup zen’?

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