Gigantic domino run

The Perucci Brothers, a pair of kinetic artists, created this insanely elaborate domino run for the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center. I've never seen anything that comes close to this for sheer, audacious, obsessive domino nerddom. Link (Thanks, Jason!)


  1. Yeah, Lone… I was about to post the same thing. Even though it’s kind of commercial, it’s no less insanely elaborate :)

  2. Dominos are fun. You can actually use them with no other objects to evaluate the truth value of any statement in propositional calculus for fixed truth values of the variables (this isn’t that hard to do – the main challenge is making a functioning not-gate).

  3. That wasn’t even close to some of the grander domino sets that have been done.

    And what lousy video of the actual event!

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