Network cable macrame


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  1. Takuan says:

    yer granddaddy used old magnetic tape

  2. Fee says:

    “…Since I had plenty of other things to do, and didn’t particularly want to do them, I spent a relaxing half-hour knotting a plant hanger with the cable.”

    That’s two things that have resonated with me on the page – the someone-is wrong-on-the-internet cartoon and this statement.

    I am the world’s worst housewife, and I am a sufferer from serial distraction disorder. Someone is coming to see me, and so my eye strays from the screen and realises that I am living in a room scattered with books, photographs, half-finished family trees, crates with miscellaneous objects, shoes and jumpers that have migrated from the children’s rooms, dog hair in wafting dunes under the furniture and a thin scattering of dust overall.

    *Of course* I start with the photographs, realise that I have previously sorted out some pictures for my album which are still waiting for me to stick them in, and I while away a happy hour sticking the pictures in the album until I realise that this is the picture of Aunt Nellie that I intended to keep in the family history folder (because I am trying to keep an archive picture of each person) and so it is natural to collect up the photographs and stuff them in a box file and move onto the family trees which I got halfway through and then abandoned, but which really ought to be finished off, except that I go to find a pencil sharpener and realise the sink is full of dirty cups and stop to do that. There’s no hot water so I go upstairs, taking with me the assortment of things which have been put in a crate (or really, the too-hard basket, because I don’t know what that black piece of moulded plastic is, I only know that as soon as I discard it I will find out…and didn’t we throw away the board game which used those bright little bobbles?) and so it is that I can have worked really intensively and still have made more mess than I have cleared up in the course of a morning.

    And of course now I have a new hobby, surplus wire macrame. It’s green, very green….

  3. Moon says:

    Got some extra network cable lying around? (who doesn’t?) Why not try your hand at some Cat-5 macrame and make a handsome high-tech plant-hammock out of it?

    I don’t know – because it would look bad?

  4. numbone says:

    What a waste.
    (‘sbout as beautiful as the vinyl paisley-print shower curtain seperating me from my sister’s bedroom in my double-wide.)
    Make up some patch cables and sell ‘em on Obay.

  5. dculberson says:

    Yeah, selling patch cables on eBay. That’ll net the big money. Everyone can do with an extra $.75 for an hour’s work!

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