Chinese film star's sex-pix leaked by laptop tech, spreading everywhere

China is rocking from a sex-scandal involving a popular actor whose laptop was plundered by a service tech who has been trickling out shocking photos of the idol getting laid by various famous personages. The Chinese government is straining to slow down the scandal, but it's spreading like wildfire.
The images - illegally copied from the star's customised pink MacBook - have prompted a media frenzy here that has eclipsed the fixation about Britney Spears in the English-language web.

As well as crashing servers in celebrity-obsessed Hong Kong, the gossip has spread to the mainland, where one online discussion generated more than 25m page views and 140,000 comments...

Since the first images appeared more than two weeks ago, an unknown culprit has uploaded dozens of fresh pictures every day, each time putting more celebrities into more compromising positions.