Random House Audio abandons audiobook DRM


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  1. Jardine says:

    Audible’s DRM is so ineffective that I didn’t even really think about it until Cory brought it up on TWiT (This Week in Tech); during an advertisement for Audible. It’s a sign of the integrity that Leo Laporte has that he didn’t edit it out of the show. It’s also made for some great moments in later episodes where Jason Calacanis goes way over the top on how great he thinks Audible is.

  2. solyoung says:

    There isn’t any further information on this on the Net. Great scoop or are you getting taken for a ride?

  3. pahool says:

    emusic has 1 audiobook for $14.99 per month or two for $19.99. Or you can save more by paying annually. So they seem pretty comparable to audible price-wise. I’m not sure how the selection stacks up though. And they don’t offer the bonus “free” content that Audible does.

  4. Cpt. Tim says:

    audbiles pricing is just amazing. I was on the fancy plan where i paid 20 something a month and got 2 audiobooks.

    I always made sure to find lengthy audiobooks like the dark tower series, and after a few months i had a huge backlog of books i hadn’t gotten to yet, so i cancelled.

    i plan to go back, and i haven’t had a problem with their DRM yet. It’s not all that bad, unless you run into what happened to cory when he switched over to linnux (i think)

    random house going DRM free is awesome, but the price has to be right too. If i feel gouged i’d just as soon pirate.

  5. sonny p fontaine says:

    bennet cerf would be proud.

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