Adorable moppet sings Beatles songs

Hero Ha is an adorable three-year-old Korean kid who likes to stand around in his diaper with a giant guitar slung over his shoulders, performing truly excellent renditions of Beatles songs. Here he is singing "Hey Jude." Link


  1. It’s the original Guitar Hero!

    I’m sending this to my friends with an adorable two-year-old moppet, so he can get in shape for his next birthday!

  2. Cute. And impressive. Most kids learn rhythm pretty early, but can’t really hold a tune until they’re considerably older than this… And Hey Jude is no Alphabet Song when it comes to intervals, either…

  3. wait…maybe my eyes are bad or something, but I don’t even think this kid is playing the guitar!!! and what’s with all the R’s where the L’s should be?( I keed I keed!! )

  4. This kid has a bright future ahead of him. I did a music degree at McGill and this guy sings waaay more in tune than most of the opera students I met there.

  5. @#8 that’s what I thought! Possible earrings too? Anyway, my kid loved it. Couldn’t get him to stop waving his lighter!

  6. The sirens in the background– that’s the RIAA coming to arrest him.

    “Stupid punk kid!! Did you think Sir Paul McCartney would allow this unauthorized use of his copyrighted material?! What do you mean “cover songs are fair use”?? Wise guy huh!?”

  7. The baby NEVER stops being cute. Mine are 13 and 8.

    When you hear “Dad? I think I got a girl in trouble.” that’s when they stop being cute.

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