Han Solo in Carbonite desk

Tom Spina Designs created this Han Solo in Carbonite desk for a client. I would be incredibly productive with a desk like this. Just sayin'. Link (Thanks, John!)


  1. I would probably end up cluttering Han’s visage with papers, under the clear top, to the point where nobody would know that Han was even under there.

  2. In the Staples catalogue this would be called Manager’s Desk or Executive Workstation or something. I need one – sends the right message.

  3. Wonder what he would charge to make a refrigerator door of Han all froze up :) I always thought it would be pretty sweet to swing open Han, reach in the frosty depths of his sarcophagus and pull out a Kona Longboard.

  4. Interesting, although I had always thought of the Han Solo in Carbonite motif as being more of a “coffee table” look, but, hey… to each their own.

  5. well,i for one refuse to be so easily pleased…if it doesn’t hover on repulsorlifts,i don’t want it.pfft.

  6. I think the mafia have a do-it-yourself version. But it seems they switched the carbonite for concrete…

  7. Awesome.

    Though it might make some complications. Imagine coming to work interview to some office – to meet your potential future boss behind THIS desk.

  8. It would be the perfect desk for the Boss From Hell(tm). Especially if the boss dropped the hint that the poor slob in the carbonite was the last employee to ask for a raise.

  9. for what they no doubt paid for it, that better be Harrison Ford in there

    I’d pay to ship him to galaxy far, far away. He’s a grouchy git.

  10. Anyone else reminded of the scene in Rocky Horror Picture Show when at dinner Frankenfurter whips off the tablecloth and Meatloaf’s corpse is under the glass?

  11. Forget the dork in the doodoo, whatsbout that rich corinthian leather ergonomic chair? My spine is killing me already.

  12. Good idea: Conduct job interviews from behind this desk.

    Better idea: With people unfamiliar with the Star Wars movies.

  13. That desk belongs to the lead singer for the Christian group Casting Crowns. To my knowledge, after the Star Wars collection is complete he will be selling it and giving the proceeds to help with a water purification project they are involved with in India.

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