RetarDEAD: indie horror flick with Jello Biafra


4 Responses to “RetarDEAD: indie horror flick with Jello Biafra”

  1. bricklayer says:

    Sounds fairly similar to 2006′s Special Dead:

  2. miss_ali1984 says:

    A low budget zombie flick…with JELLO BIAFRA in it???? This is the best day evar!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well…I’ve seen it twice and I love it! Of course, I play the part of the Weenie Wagger, but I never got to see the finished product until Friday night. The music, the characters, and the special effects make this a great must-see low budget horror/comedy movie! It got a lot of laughs, multiple rounds of applause, and the creators signed copies of the DVD’s that sold!

  4. otterpop says:

    We reviewed this on our website Zombie Reporting Center –

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