Tic-Tac-Toast stamps game-surfaces onto toast

Tic-Tac-Toast is a plastic stamper that you use to create grids on the surface of your kids' toast, so that they can play tic-tac-toe with different spreads. Link (via Popgadget)


  1. Might be more ambitious, but what about Scrabbled eggs where you pour raw egg material into a metal molding grid that allows you to cook little scrabble pieces?

    Or You Bet Your Knife! where if someone utters a secret word, they get to use YOUR knife.

    Yes, both of those would cause loss of appetite and desire to eat with others.

  2. Yeah, there’s nothing better than toast that has gotten cold, been touched by many hands, and has a mess of fixings on it that you did not choose. I’m pretty sure that as a 3-26 year old I would not have been willing to eat the finished game. And now I’d only do it out of politeness if necessary.

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