CERN photos in Nat'l. Geo: The God Particle


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  1. trevcaru says:

    His technique is unmatched? look how crooked that picture is, lol.

  2. David Carroll says:

    #3 If Hollywood spend as much on fake spaceships as CERN does on this real stuff they wouldn’t have enough money left over for Shatner’s girdles.

  3. DaveA says:

    If this subject interests you, I recommend “The Discovery Machine” in the Feb 2008 issue of Scientific American, an excellent piece about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) now being completed near Geneva and the principles of physics they will be studying.

  4. SC_Wolf says:

    Photographer Peter McCready has done several Qucktime VR Panoramas of the same subject:

    Just keep clicking the black and white navigation arrow in the lower right corner, he’s got 8 more of these after this one.

  5. Antinous says:

    Why do I see goatse in everything now?

  6. Wirelizard says:

    Antinous – teh intarweebs have poisoned your mind.

  7. macemoneta says:

    The thing that struck me as I looked at these photos, is that science fiction devices, like starships, seem trivially simple compared to the reality of these complex machines. They’re beautiful!

  8. Lone says:

    This is one of those circumstances that just about any photo taken is going to be a good one. The wild, bright, almost fashion or design-like color scheme of the parts is just appealing unto itself. And that is not to mention the complexity and symmetry of it all.

  9. zikman says:

    wait, which photos are by Mr. Bullock? when I click the link provided, it has the same photo you guys featured, except it says “Photograph by Peter Ginter.”
    And then when I click on the photo gallery, under that same image, it says “Photograph by Maximilien Brice, CERN”
    a couple other photos say Mark Thiessen, but no Bullock to be found.

  10. pedmands says:

    The photo featured here is by Maximilien Brice.

  11. zikman says:

    please excuse my last comment. I misread the article.

  12. pedmands says:

    @Zikman- Bullock simply blogged about the photos

  13. agentengram says:

    So I love CERN, I think the idea of creating mini black holes that could devour the entire earth in milliseconds is kindof cool. Like Dr. Strangelove has nothing on these cats.

    These machines are insane, ATLAS and the Large Hadron Collider are the big boys of the atom smasher set. With the experiments they are planning alot of the information about how the forces were unified during the moments after the big bang are hoped to be discovered.

    Most people dont know this but the original internet was actually god-sparked at CERN, in fact I think the original cisco switch is still there. great diggidy daddy of facebook or whatever.

    So I wrote a song about CERN because I want them to drink some jolt cola and get on down with it already.


  14. Fnarf says:

    Um, no. The web has its roots at CERN, where Tim Berners-Lee came up with HTML, but the internet was 20 years old by then (1969, not 1989). The web is not the internet.

  15. John D. Berry says:

    Nobody knows the meaning of the machinery of the Krell.

    But really, what’s with the spurious commas in “World class technical photographer, Peter Ginter, shot these…”? Would you say “President, George Bush”?

  16. four12 says:

    Super collider thingymajigs like this give me the creeps. They will be the end of us all.

    Alien zipping along in a spacecraft: “Zorg, what was that bright flash?”

    Zorg: “I don’t know. I think it came from where that planet used to be…”

  17. Antinous says:

    President is a title. World class photographer is a descriptive clause. The commas are correct, at least according according to my sixth grade grammar teacher, Mrs. Smith.

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