Incredible human dissection photos on Flickr


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  1. Brad Reid says:

    I can recall circa 1978 a kid who let us look under a bandage and into a cut he had on his finger and the flesh inside was much the same colour as that. I wonder now if the finger survived.

  2. elNico says:

    Not sure whether this has been featured here before…I’d be surprised if it hasn’t…

  3. dannysland says:

    Even more amazing is the “Stereoscopic Atlas of Venereal Diseases,” which I once got via interlibrary loan. Those disks ought to come with a View-Master with a built-in eyewash station. Bleugh!

    There are also some very beautiful View-Master collections of cactus and succulents, as well as mushrooms and fungi — the latter collection is truly stunning.

  4. Kyle Armbruster says:

    Whenever I see pictures like this, I’m amazed that any of it works at all. For me, the inherent messiness and inefficiency of the “design” basically precludes the existence of any “designer.” It could be done much better if it weren’t just a slowly-developed pile of kruft, like an organic version of Windows.

  5. jennee says:

    “gorgeous photographs of human dissection”

    This just sounds so wrong. I try not to think about how my body works because it’s scary. Too fragile.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ..scary but informative..

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