TED talks debut in-flight on Virgin America this week


4 Responses to “TED talks debut in-flight on Virgin America this week”

  1. hundredsofthousands says:

    … and there’s some OTHER cool conference happening this week. it’s like TED, just freer. this is the idea orgy for the unwashed masses, for those who don’t have $6k to drop on a ticket.

    witness: BIL


    near SF.

  2. TayArgJosh18 says:

    There is some irony in Virgin America running “TED Talks” considering TED is the name for a whole other airline.

  3. Raines Cohen says:

    @HundredsOfThousands wrote:

    near SF

    “near SF” doesn’t quite capture it. How about “walking distance from the TED conference main site in Monterey”?

    Disclaimer: I’m a speaker. But then, so are you. And you. And you…

  4. strathmeyer says:

    Awesome; I could watch those talks for hours. Too bad I don’t fly.

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