TED talks debut in-flight on Virgin America this week

Next time you fly Virgin America to (ahem) catch up on the latest episodes of Boing Boing tv, you may also want to check out video from TED Talks, which will debut in-flight throughout the fleet, starting this Friday.

The TED Talks channel will premier on Virgin America flights in March and will feature some of the most compelling and groundbreaking thinkers of our time – including former President Bill Clinton, designer Philippe Starck, rock star/activist Bono and Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.
Oh, yeah, and there's some cool conference happening this week, too. (thanks, Charles!)


  1. … and there’s some OTHER cool conference happening this week. it’s like TED, just freer. this is the idea orgy for the unwashed masses, for those who don’t have $6k to drop on a ticket.

    witness: BIL


    near SF.

  2. There is some irony in Virgin America running “TED Talks” considering TED is the name for a whole other airline.

  3. @HundredsOfThousands wrote:

    near SF

    “near SF” doesn’t quite capture it. How about “walking distance from the TED conference main site in Monterey”?

    Disclaimer: I’m a speaker. But then, so are you. And you. And you…

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