Bullfrog Ballet: high-speed video of bullfrogs


4 Responses to “Bullfrog Ballet: high-speed video of bullfrogs”

  1. Knife Knut says:

    Rather clumsy critters aren’t they?

  2. Johan Larson says:

    Bullfroooogs! Tonight. We dine. On crickets!

    Bullfrog! Return with your lilypad, or upon it.

  3. Beanolini says:

    It’s a shame they picked the American Bullfrog to highlight amphibian extinction- this is an invasive species that has been identified as a threat to other amphibian species all over the world.

  4. jeffh says:

    The bullfrog kind of picked us with its hilarity. It’s a video that kind of made itself and we hope it raises awareness of the myriad of threats facing frogs worldwide.

    The irony of the bullfrog is that while it is an invasive species, it is disappearing from its natural range in Ontario.

    It’s part of the problems and also a victim of them.

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