Air Force Blocks Access to Many Blogs


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  1. Songe says:

    Shouldn’t they be watching the airplanes??

    “Frist post! lol why you do dat.” tippetty tappety typity.

  2. Takuan says:

    first you tell them they can’t talk, then you tell them they can’t listen – except to you

  3. efergus3 says:

    Democracy: Stupidity exhibited at ALL levels of the government.

  4. Thinkerer says:

    Oh c’mon — our military bureaucracy making a self-serving and idiotic decision? No way!

  5. cfpresley says:

    From someone in the Air Force, I can say that blogs have been blocked at the bases I’ve been at for a good while now. This is usually done through nannyware. Why some Berkeley types might be getting up in arms(if they believed in arms), there is a flip side to this. The USAF especially has been squeezed for manning severely, in order to buy shiny F-22′s we’ve had to let people go. We’ve also had to send many to do traditional Army jobs in Iraq, because the Army doesn’t have enough people.

    Now with such a limitation on the workforce, do you want US tax dollars spent on work, or Airman Snuffy reading blogs all day? What is not being reported in this posting is that everyone has free time, and there is usually somewhere they can go to read their blogs off the military network. Even if there isn’t, it is still the Military, get rid of your Private Benjamin delusions.

  6. Battlehobo4000 says:

    Look at all them chubby Airmen.

    -Specialist Battlehobo4000

  7. Wil Wheaton says:

    I’ve heard from some members of the military who can’t read my blog from Iraq or Afghanistan, because it’s censored by the DoD.

    Brilliant move there, Pentagon. Freedom is on the march!

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