Roy's Doty's Leap Year card -- Carpe Diem!


8 Responses to “Roy's Doty's Leap Year card -- Carpe Diem!”

  1. univac says:

    His work is so amazing, complex and fun! Great to see this.

  2. CordableTuna says:

    Waaait a second… The mouse bit at the top right corner doesn’t work!

  3. Freddie Freelance says:

    I work for Salary so I don’t get excited about Leap Year Day, it’s a freebie for my employer. To make up for this I’m planning on spending several hours finishing up my RPM Challenge entry.

  4. Stefan Jones says:

    One of my college friends is having his ninth birthday today. His wife is putting on a Star Wars themed kiddie-party, with an R2-D2 cake and a Death Star pinata.

    In a few years, his son will have had more birthdays than he . . .

  5. dculberson says:

    You’re right! The mouse will never take off that way.

  6. airship says:

    I’ve loved ‘Wordless Workshop’ since I was a kid. Even before I was allowed to hammer a nail by myself, that comic made relatively complex projects easy to figure out. It’s a perfect example to point to when people say “comics are worthless”.

  7. Lex10 says:

    My remix of Roy Doty’s “Wordless Workshop”

  8. Sue Grant says:

    thanks for this post, what a wonderful graphic :)

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