TED Prize event streaming live now

The TED Prize event is streaming live now. I watched it last year and it was very moving. I imagine it will be again this year.
Picture 9-23 About the 2008 TEDPrize

The TED Prize was created as a way of taking the inspiration, ideas and resources generated at TED and using them to make a difference. Winners receive a prize of $100,000 each, and more importantly, a wish. A wish to change the world.

During today's session, webcast live from Monterey, California, the 2008 TEDPrize winners will unveil their wishes for the first time. Prize winners Neil Turok, Dave Eggars and Karen Armstong will be joined by singer-songwriter Vusi Mahlasela.



  1. There’s been like sixty in a row. If I want to read more about TED I’ll go to the same webite that’s linked in every post. I come here for BoingBoing randomness, not a 100% frameset to TED.

  2. look, its simple; call Mark on your cell,get him to come outside, bash him over the head and take his show pass. If it’s picture ID you can always use the old Hannibal trick to get a convincing “face”. He won’t mind, you are the constituency

  3. Mark, thanks for posting that – I caught it in time to watch most of it live and found it time well spent.

  4. I concur with poster #1. But it is Mark’s blog and Mark likes him some TED so I suppose we are just going to have to suffer through. But what I’ve been trying to figure out is even why is it called TED anyways? Perhaps a little clarification and a pinch of consolidation is in order here.

  5. TED = Technology Entertainment Design.Thanks for understanding, Angrydroid, even though you don’t like the posts.

  6. I was not aware it was Mark’s baby, I always assumed it was largely just a collective effort (and/or a Cory-vehicle) =)

  7. Just know I support TED and everything about it %100. Honestly, Mark, my name IS Ted. So, aside from the fact that seeing TED in five or more posts in a row, which is just a blog clutter issue, it’s like being at cocktail party and you keep hearing YOUR name spoken amidst the “cantelope-watermelon” general background murmur. Hehe. And now you have me actually paying more attention. Damn you, Mark! ;)

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