Vash the Stampede cosplayers


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  1. kennapea says:

    that’s so embarrassing! i hate showing up somewhere and finding that someone is wearing the same outfit as me.

  2. Agent 86 says:


  3. Foolster41 says:

    Love and Peace! I think I saw these guys.

    I admit, I keep looking for myself and my family in these photos. :) (My costume was mildly obscure, Mae Heughs from Full Metal Alchamist.)

    Comiccon was really cool. Nice photos. I would have gotten a autograph if I knew you were there.

  4. garethjax says:

    Nooot bad, even though Vash should have a gun! (love and peace). :)

    The american cosplayers have become more and more skilled, i’m happy of this!

    Have a look at the photos of a recent cosplay event held at “fumettopoli” comic fair in Milano (in Italy) :)

  5. zombiefodder says:

    Here’s my favorite Vash the Stampede cosplayer . He definitely had the hair for it.
    (from Animazement 2006)

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