Scissor mobile


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  1. reptiles_and_samurai says:

    “Now, Billy, if you cry at all tonight, Mommy cuts a string.”

  2. joannaelizabeth123 says:

    I agree with whoever said this is bad feng shui… I’d say horrible, actually.

    If you want to create a feeling of insecurity, tension, and looming peril- make a mobile like this.

  3. Antinous says:

    Hanging it over a crib (or a sofa) would be bad feng shui. Hanging it in a intersection of two hallways, over a planter or something, would be great feng shui. All those round bits would break up the chi and send it down into the earth via the points. Obviously, this is assuming that you believe in chi.

  4. Takuan says:

    how about an installation piece sculpture? Embed them in concrete, point up, in the entrance hallway

  5. Antinous says:

    They capture the chi better if they can move. The mobile is a negative energy collector/redirector. Like Hillary.

  6. Takuan says:

    OK, instead of concrete, a kinetic sculpture that cycles them up and down rapidly?

  7. Anonymous says:

    What idiot thought this would be a good idea?

  8. Antinous says:

    My eye!!! Lisa is a he?

  9. hokano says:

    Hey, Boo.

  10. Carl Rigney says:

    Especially if you told the tale of the great long-legged scissormen who run in to cut off the thumbs of children who suck their thumbs.

    Why does someone have that many scissors anyway? Do they work for the TSA?

  11. 1265days says:

    Scissors o’ Damocles

  12. yankeeknowhow says:

    True art is always a little bit dangerous and this wild, air-based scupture certainly sets the future standard for artistic danger!

    Alexander Calder would be proud!

  13. Writiki says:

    That thing can’t be safe…

  14. Lone says:

    Why bother with the all the work of running with scissors, just hang where they can be conveniently wandered into…

  15. License Farm says:

    Mental scars? Shit, I’m more concerned about physical scars.

  16. raybot says:

    someone is an idiot. nuff said

  17. Takuan says:

    weaklings! how else can you grow strong, quick healing and ALERT children?

  18. sammy baby says:

    Does anyone else remember the movie ‘Dead Again’? I saw it when I was -way- too young and it made an impression.

    Takhys, I saw it. That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the photo.

    (And everyone – go Netflix Dead Again. Charming little thriller, worth watching.)

  19. jipijapa says:

    Bad feng shui!

  20. Lazlo Panaflex says:

    yeah, don’t go running around with that thing… or running around that thing at all.
    scissor mobile appeals to me in so many ways… i used to wear a pair around my neck like a pendant. i think i’ll have to make myself one.

  21. Murderface says:

    Mental scars!? What about neuroanatomical scars?

  22. Takhys says:

    Does anyone else remember the movie ‘Dead Again’? I saw it when I was -way- too young and it made an impression.

  23. Takuan says:

    I think it should have a variable speed motor to rotate the whole thing. Anyone know how to cook curare?

  24. OM says:

    …Heh, this is what you’d hang over a special display for a new Scissor Sisters album!

  25. Antinous says:

    Anyone know how to cook curare?

    No, but the Las Vegas Police Department is having a sale on ricin.

  26. Takuan says:

    yeah, I TOLD that idiot not to lick his fingers

  27. meanlittlemonkey says:

    all I need, for the scissor thief fairy to parade it’s bounty on mine eye.

  28. Wirelizard says:

    …think of the incredible mental scars you could leave on your child by hanging this over her crib!

    BoingBoing’s newest dad is starting to worry me slightly… ;)

  29. Carl Rigney says:

    Maybe he heard Gever Tulley’s talk at TED 2007 on 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do.

    I’m absurdly pleased at figuring a way to link TED into this thread, but it really was a fun talk.

  30. cinemajay says:

    Don’t know that I’d call it “gorgeous,” per se. They look like everyday cruddy scissors. Put some pinking shears up there…..then we’re talking.

  31. macegr says:

    I’m waiting for the hypodermic needle version.

  32. Jake0748 says:

    Edward Scissor-mobile

  33. pupdog says:

    Takhys, that was my first thought. All you need is Derek Jacobi wandering around and the nightmare would be complete…

  34. themagus says:

    holy crap thats ugly!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Ok, the chandelier of Damacles has me a little freaked out.


  36. laneburner says:

    So there is line, you see…you continue to acknowledge it and then playfully hop over it. To which I say thanks.

  37. Jeff says:

    Let us all hope that New-Daddy-Doctorow is not thinking about hanging this over the baby. Now that would be Adam’s Family nursery decorating! Could anyone be comfortable sitting under this thing?!

  38. dr_spork says:

    This is strikingly similar to “The Haircut,” part of the permanent collection over at the Museum of Bad Art

  39. historyman68 says:

    @#4 Greek/Roman mythology FTW!

  40. Moon says:

    This is very convenient. If you NEED a scissors, you just use one of the scissors to cut the string of the one you need! Sweet!

  41. Ryan says:

    Hoooly crap, bad idea. :P

  42. Takuan says:

    how about a variation of that knife block shaped like a human head?

  43. Anonymous says:

    Not bad, but the big wooden hoops sort of ruin the effect.
    I wish she had found a more elegant solution. Perhaps something with plexiglass?

  44. realisateur says:

    This reminds me of a beautiful glass sculpture piece that I saw a little over a year ago at the Corning Museum of Glass when I was living in Upstate New York. It’s called “It’s Raining Knives” by Silvia Levenson, from Argentina, and is a beautiful piece about the hidden anxieties and instability of living in Suburbia, especially in this day and age.


    Official release article with photo:

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