Dr. Steve Brule

I spent the weekend watching every youtube clip tagged "Dr. Steve Brule," alone and with friends, on laptops and iphones. This was Dr. Steve Brule Weekend. The character is played by John C. Reilly, and is part of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job on Adult Swim. LMFAO. This one's my favorite. no, this one. (thanks Coop)

Update: Our old pal Jesse Thorn has this.


  1. Awesome. SPORTS! I love Wayne Skylar.

    You should see the bit where they do “heart moans” with some angry repressed new-age guy, played by Scott Thompson (of the kids in the hall).

  2. how in the world have i missed these before now? omg, i think i have such a crush on mr. reilly now.

  3. tim & eric also do a live webcast called “Tim & Eric Nite Live”

    and yes, mr brule is hilarious. friends and I spent last weekend with a tim and eric marathon. watched both seasons in 1 night @_@

  4. I have no idea whether JCR is still making new Brule videos or whether these were all taped last year during Season One, but I hope they’re able to keep them coming. I LOVE this character.

  5. Thanks for posting this: I love Tim and Eric, but rarely get a chance to watch them.

    Oh, and Ridestowe, thanks for the heads-up on the livecast. I’ll check that out.

  6. Ugh, I hate it when I get into something and then boingboing posts it, sort of makes it less cool.

  7. BoingBoing introduced me to Tim and Eric about one year ago, through their commercial for B’owl! Thanks!

    There are a number of other fantastic clips at the Adult Swim website; here’s some particularly good advice from Dr. Steve Brule on Living.

    Tim and Eric are also doing a tour of live comedy shows over the next few months — check timandericawesomshow at myspace.

  8. I don’t know. This wasn’t funny for me at all… It was actually annoying…but I guess I just have a different sense of humor.

  9. I just don’t get it. Not to snark on it, but am I missing something here? It just seems kind of infantile and oddly creepy. A bit like Wil Ferrell’s whole oeuvre.

  10. Man. Honestly, the whole Tim & Eric show is pretty awful. Tom Goes to the Mayor at least had context for the humor, this brand is really just the “random” style of humor that doesn’t require, well, humor.

  11. #11 — I’m with you. But I barely cracked a grin for The Ballad of Ricky Bobby’s entire duration. Just not our style, perhaps.

  12. #11-15 (excluding #14),

    I know it’s not funny if you have to explain it…

    But, Awesome Show is actually a pretty clever satire of “normal” television. Most of the jokes come from perverting established norms. In this example, Dr. Steve Brule is a play on the bullshit “lifestyle advice” segments on local news shows.

    In my opinion, the funniest parts of the show come from their (consciously) terrible editing choices, e.g. cutting somebody off mid-sentence or “accidentally” showing horribly awkward moments from the cast and crew.

    Seriously, don’t automatically dismiss it as inane because it seems unpolished– It’s actually very clever, innovative sketch comedy.

  13. #17 I couldnt have said it any better myself. everything in this show is completely intentional, right down to the horrible audio cuts that dont match up with the video ones. its brilliant.

    oh, and they’ve shot 4 seasons of T&E, each season to have steve brule in it so you can look forward to two more seasons of this. there’s alot of good info over on the wiki page for t&e

  14. #17,

    What they’re doing isn’t lost on me, I just don’t think it’s very funny. Awkward comedy can be delicious, but I find the show to be very forced.

  15. I think it’s supposed to be partly a parody of cable access shows. A lot of their regulars, like Dave Liebe-Hart, are local cable-access legends who may or may not be in on the T&E joke.

    It’s not for everyone. In fact, I don’t recommend the show to any of my friends, because I never know who’s going to get it and who’s going to hate it. It’s just unadulterated silliness, and that’s not everyone’s cup o’ tea. I could never stand Seinfeld.

  16. well now,since you added the link, sweeeetbeerywine does look best! That Brule’s better than the first.

  17. I like the other skit John C. Reilly does where he plays the karate instructor. I cannot remember what it’s called though.

  18. That was funny, but it also made me feel awkward and a little ill. It sort of sets off those social empathy alarms that one gets when someone embarrasses themself in front of you.

    And yes, I said “themself”. What of it?

  19. >I know it’s not funny if you have to explain it…

    >But, Awesome Show is actually a pretty clever satire of
    >”normal” television. Most of the jokes come from
    >perverting established norms. In this example, Dr. Steve
    >Brule is a play on the bullshit “lifestyle advice” segments
    >on local news shows.

    Yah. I got that. Also got that he’s some kind of stoner or a
    drunk. This would have been hilarious to me when I was 15, maybe 16.

    At 51, not so much.

  20. Thank you BoingBoing for again acknowledging the wonder and joy that is Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

    Actually, at work tonight, i forced my coworkers to watch the episode that had the Steve Brule wine sketch in it. “For your wine…”

  21. There are more people admitting to be fans of “Tim & Eric” than I thought existed in the entire world. That show, and just about everything else from ‘Super Deluxe’, is completely unfunny.

  22. Now can anyone definitively tell me this… is Neil Hamburger actually Bob Odenkirk? He looks like him, but I can’t be sure.

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