Kadrey's Butcher Bird -- free download


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  1. jburris says:

    love this book. i read it again this weekend (my 8th read probably) now i can carry it with me in my gadgets. sweet!

  2. justanotherusername says:

    Drat, here I was confusedly wondering if this might be a sequal to Blindshrike which I read ages ago. Totally out there. Much better title too. :)

  3. janeylicious says:

    @SteveW, Hah. I was like..that name sounds familiar..that story sounds familiar..*read your comment*..oh I downloaded and read that from manybooks.net a month ago! Doh.

    Very good book, but I think I’ll re-read it if it looks spiffier indeed :)

  4. Cefeida says:

    The book sounds cool, but is it just me or is that blurb really clunky? Unappealing.

  5. Agent 86 says:

    Never judge a book by its one-paragraph explanation ;)

  6. Benjamin says:

    #4 I agree, but I think I may sink through it just the same before starting the Dark Tower books. Sort of get back into reading novel mode.

  7. rabican says:

    Okay, I just wasted my afternoon. As though I didn’t have enough homework already … thanks, guys!

  8. rossruns says:

    The best part is this (and the other stories on that link) are available in multiple, non-DRM formats. I’m 10x more likely to give a story a chance if I can transmute it to a medium that works for me (e.g. my Rocket eBook reader or my Sony Clie). Not everyone wants to sit at their computer and read a copy-protected .pdf document (like some publishers seem to think a “free” version should be). Hurrah to Night Shade Books for this train of thought!

    Oh yeah, and Blind Shrike (er, I mean Butcher Bird) rocks. Definitely check it out if you haven’t yet.

  9. Robotech_Master says:

    Very awesome book.

    If you enjoy it, you might also enjoy the roleplaying game Nobilis, a diceless game that draws upon Gaiman and Zelazny and others in the same general neighborhood as Butcher Bird. It’ll be coming out in a new edition soon.

  10. stevew says:

    Ah, a great story. All those lucky people who haven’t read this yet. I first read it under the title “Blind Shrike” by Richard Kadrey first published in the Infinite Matrix http://www.infinitematrix.net, April 2005

    The Infinite Matrix is where I get Cory’s work sometimes. Though this Kadrey story isn’t in the archive, there are 50 more stories there by Kadrey alone. Cory Doctorow has “I Robot” and an excerpt from “Down And Out in the Magic Kingdom”.

    In the PDF that I read the formatting is a bit different than this offering. Each chapter number and title was presented as a page with the lead sentence a quote in larger pt. type. It really looked spiffier; but lacked the authors photo of the link here.

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