Mister Jalopy's store: Coco's Variety


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  1. misterjalopy says:

    Re: Fujichia and hbml junk store
    Junkiest junk store is a title I will gladly forgo. You win! Game over.

    Re: Jodi
    Hamster’s Lunch back in stock! Allow tea time rice cracker nibbling to continue.

    Re: Spatula
    Thank you for the business! I also call it a spatula or pancake flipper.

    Re: Rental Bikes
    Unfortunately, our bicycle shop insurance does not extend to rentals. Buy a bike! Enjoy it! Sell it back to us a week later!

  2. zeroy says:

    I have driven by this shop at least a dozen times thinking, “wha?”

    Today I stopped by. I was on my way to another shop in search of an aluminum spatula. (Apparently, what I call a “spatula” is called a “turner” by the rest of the English speaking world.) It seems that someone has decreed that all turners must be made of teflon or nylon. I need something I can scrape hard, metal-on-metal. Lucky for me, they didn’t get the memo in Mexico, because there, on the shelf, was a Mexican-made aluminum espátula. Sold, and extra trip saved.

    Mexican cokes are made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. A HUGE difference.

  3. trikitixa says:

    Beats my plans for a wig, bong and dickie emporium. This actually makes me jealous of Angelenos for once.

  4. M says:

    dammit. a parakeet was just what i was looking to buy a dozen of. how bout lovebirds? they got lovebirds down there?

  5. craig1st says:

    That list of products makes the place sound like the old Whole Earth store on Telegraph circa early 70′s.

  6. Jodi says:

    I’m hoping he restocks more Hamster’s Lunch soon. I bought him out a couple of weeks ago!

  7. fujichia says:

    pssssssh… that guy couldn’t hold a tarnished brass hinge to a real junk shoppe- http://www.hbml.org

    we got tchotchkes, oven mitts, broken glass that looks like candy, broken candy that looks like glass, slotted spoons, egg osculators, cats heads, telephone books, chinese newspapers, and a choice scumbag clientele of skaters, haters, daters, sixth graders, and catholics. GAME OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  8. lf says:

    Am I the only one suspiciously reminded of Stephen King’s ‘Needful Things’?

  9. fujichia says:

    until april, HBML has a “two legs for the price of one” hobbling offer for all reticent novelists. oh, wait that’s “misery”. uh… two for one on “the kinds of books i stopped reading in the ninth grade”. OH SNAP

  10. heypal says:

    Yay! just down the road from my house! gonna buy me something!

  11. imaginaryfriend says:

    The bikes at coco’s are as awesome as the mural on the outside. I’ve heard they rent them too.

  12. WillyBIlly says:

    Hi, great store. Any chance of a webcam in store or out front to keep tabs on the action at CoCo’s.
    Take care Bill

  13. dculberson says:

    Makes me wish I was gonna be in LA some time soon … if for no reason other than to meet Mr. Jalopy and give him some of my money.

    (In an entirely non-stalkery way, Señor Jalopy.)

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