Mister Jalopy's store: Coco's Variety


Our friend Mister Jalopy has launched a blog about his enchanting store in Los Angeles, Coco's Variety. You can buy some of the things he sells in the store via PayPal.

Coco's Variety sells flyswatters, glass 5 gallon water bottles, headache remedies, oil cloth by the yard, used bicycles, California souvenir tablecloths, Kit Kat Klocks, gum ball machines, Mexican Cokes in glass bottles, squirt guns, tote bags adorned with hula girls, Lodge cast iron frying pans, old American made tools, baskets for your bicycle, wood matches, reverse osmosis purified drinking water by the gallon and fancy Jadeite cake plates for fancy cakes on fancy occasions.

We sell everything but parakeets.