Mister Jalopy's store: Coco's Variety


Our friend Mister Jalopy has launched a blog about his enchanting store in Los Angeles, Coco's Variety. You can buy some of the things he sells in the store via PayPal.

Coco's Variety sells flyswatters, glass 5 gallon water bottles, headache remedies, oil cloth by the yard, used bicycles, California souvenir tablecloths, Kit Kat Klocks, gum ball machines, Mexican Cokes in glass bottles, squirt guns, tote bags adorned with hula girls, Lodge cast iron frying pans, old American made tools, baskets for your bicycle, wood matches, reverse osmosis purified drinking water by the gallon and fancy Jadeite cake plates for fancy cakes on fancy occasions.

We sell everything but parakeets.



  1. Beats my plans for a wig, bong and dickie emporium. This actually makes me jealous of Angelenos for once.

  2. dammit. a parakeet was just what i was looking to buy a dozen of. how bout lovebirds? they got lovebirds down there?

  3. That list of products makes the place sound like the old Whole Earth store on Telegraph circa early 70’s.

  4. pssssssh… that guy couldn’t hold a tarnished brass hinge to a real junk shoppe- http://www.hbml.org

    we got tchotchkes, oven mitts, broken glass that looks like candy, broken candy that looks like glass, slotted spoons, egg osculators, cats heads, telephone books, chinese newspapers, and a choice scumbag clientele of skaters, haters, daters, sixth graders, and catholics. GAME OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  5. until april, HBML has a “two legs for the price of one” hobbling offer for all reticent novelists. oh, wait that’s “misery”. uh… two for one on “the kinds of books i stopped reading in the ninth grade”. OH SNAP

  6. The bikes at coco’s are as awesome as the mural on the outside. I’ve heard they rent them too.

  7. Makes me wish I was gonna be in LA some time soon … if for no reason other than to meet Mr. Jalopy and give him some of my money.

    (In an entirely non-stalkery way, Señor Jalopy.)

  8. I have driven by this shop at least a dozen times thinking, “wha?”

    Today I stopped by. I was on my way to another shop in search of an aluminum spatula. (Apparently, what I call a “spatula” is called a “turner” by the rest of the English speaking world.) It seems that someone has decreed that all turners must be made of teflon or nylon. I need something I can scrape hard, metal-on-metal. Lucky for me, they didn’t get the memo in Mexico, because there, on the shelf, was a Mexican-made aluminum espátula. Sold, and extra trip saved.

    Mexican cokes are made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. A HUGE difference.

  9. Re: Fujichia and hbml junk store
    Junkiest junk store is a title I will gladly forgo. You win! Game over.

    Re: Jodi
    Hamster’s Lunch back in stock! Allow tea time rice cracker nibbling to continue.

    Re: Spatula
    Thank you for the business! I also call it a spatula or pancake flipper.

    Re: Rental Bikes
    Unfortunately, our bicycle shop insurance does not extend to rentals. Buy a bike! Enjoy it! Sell it back to us a week later!

  10. Hi, great store. Any chance of a webcam in store or out front to keep tabs on the action at CoCo’s.
    Take care Bill

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