Star Wars credits redone in the style of Saul Bass


5 Responses to “Star Wars credits redone in the style of Saul Bass”

  1. Owen says:

    Thanks, Heatvision, what you said. But still very very cool.

  2. Piper says:

    Oh come on people—only one comment and it’s a geeky criticism??
    Allow me to be the only one to point out how COOL this is. Saul Bass would have been proud. George Lucas would be …well, who gives a fuck about Lucas anyway?

  3. HeatVision says:

    Nicely done, but for the title with Ben Burtt and John Williams he uses Max Rebo, the piano playing elephant thing from Return of the Jedi, which is not in A New Hope. He should have used one of the cantina players.

  4. songs says:

    That was better than drugs

  5. Outtacontext says:

    Made my day. (Oh, wrong movie).

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