Battlestar Galactica Last Supper

From a recent Entertainment Weekly spread, the Last Supper as posed by Battlestar Gallactica characters. Just in time for Passover, too. Sacrelicious! Link (via WTBW)


  1. let the speculation begin! remember, kids, the 5th cylon is NOT one of the people pictured…

  2. It’s obviously putting a Cylon where Jesus should be. She’s dressed in red, which tells me she is representing the blood of Christ–his humanity. This show has raised the philisophical issue of what it means to be human, which I’m sure we’ll need to define before long. What happens when we’re digital? I hope the meatbags will let me retain my rights as a bit of copyright-protected intellectual property. I don’t want anyone having the right to copy me or use me without permission. I may be 1 and 0s, but I’m still a human being, damnit!

  3. I’m pretty sure that I read/saw this when I went to my in-laws on christmas day, and then magically yesterday someone posted it on the tubes and it’s brand new?

  4. The Six in the middle is Baltar’s imaginary Six, though and not Caprica Six. I think it would be difficult to consider that Six as human. But does that mean Baltar will seek redemption? After all, the hybrid in “Razor” said the one would redeem themselves.

    And Douglas’s dismissal is pretty hard to ignore. Moore likes playing with his audience and I doubt a marketing picture is going to give us much info.

    Still a cool picture.

  5. Assumetehposition, the Last Supper was Jesus’s last meal – Passover is when Moses took the Jews from Egypt!

    It would make a lot more sense to say “just in time for Easter” seeing as Easter marks Jesus’s death and rebirth, not Passover.

  6. You mean he wasn’t a blonde in a red dress? Darn.

    I can’t believe you said Ahmadinejad looks like Jesus. Somehow I don’t think Iran’s premier would be happy with you.

  7. hey, some Semitic two thousand years ago is gonna look like Ahmadinejad a lot more than some blond, blue eyed, long haired,besandalled hippie.

  8. The Middle East was already Greco-Romanized by that era. He could have looked European. Especially since we know that Joseph wasn’t his real father!

    Joseph:You’re what! But we haven’t!

    Mary:It was God. No, really.

  9. “What if God was one of us?
    Just a slob like one of us
    Just a stranger on the bus
    Trying to make his way home

    If God had a face what would it look like?
    And would you want to see
    If seeing meant that
    you would have to believe
    in things like heaven and in Jesus and the saints
    and all the prophets (*)”

  10. Use Photoshop to flip the image, horizontally. That matches moods and motives of each character MUCH better. Notice that a blue clad person is pointing to the center from the RIGHT side thus, casting doubt on the divinity of the female with a beard Son of God.

    Also note the higher actual amount of sublimity of the Galactica image. Why Because Christ is not only androgynous (a machine), but is also invisible to everybody else, more or less, being looked at by only 4 people instead of 9.

    A wet-robot Cyclon indeed would be more godlike than St. Paul’s version of Christ.

  11. Man, I thought I missed the beginning of the forth season last night (for some reason I thought I rememebred seeing the season starting up in March). Luckily (I guess) it’s in just one more month (and Season 3 is on DVD in 2 weeks! I know what I’m doing spring break).

    Love the picture!

  12. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Kickass!

    Battlestar Galactica can’t stop moving the premiere date farther & farther away!!! I needed the eye candy!!!

    I just saw a documentary about monkeys making weapons. Planet of the Apes may get up before the toasters!!!

  13. And BTW, shouldn’t the corners of the picture be cut off? Somebody’s not paying attention.

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