Space Invaders cutting board

LiveJournaller Capt. Sideburns has posted the results of his experiments in making a Space Invaders pixel-art cutting board -- it worked superbly, as you can see. He's promising Zelda next. Link


  1. I would be worried that the Walnut and Maple would expand and contract differently and the thing would self destruct.

  2. Holy Crap I’m on BoingBoing!!!!1

    I was worried about the expansion and contraction as well, but I did a great deal of research on this, and was assured by the Internets that it would not be a problem. So far it has been just fine. Granted I only finished this thing last week, but I have washed and dried it, and it did not warp or crack or anything. Only time will tell, but I also applied liberal coats of mineral oil to the entire thing to help regulate moisture. As far as knife marks go, They don’t tend to show up as much on an end-grain design like this as they would on edge grain, but they will still be there.

    I seriously can’t believe this is on here…I just left work to come and comment on this.

  3. Okay…I am in serious need of a new cutting board and that thing would completely rock my kitchen.

  4. Oh, and it also would be even better if it was inverted such that it was a light charater on a dark background a la the actual game.

  5. @Knife Knut

    Well, I have been making custom cutting boards like this for years with various pieces of walnut and maple and have never had any complaints of warping or breaking.

  6. the walnut/maple mix shouldn’t be a problem, but the places where the grain is oriented perpendicular to the piece next to it (over the right eye for example) might eventually cause the glue line to split.

  7. #7 (and anyone else, really)

    If you really do want one of these, I can definitely make one for you and ship it to you. Contact me at cameron at 1337motif dot com

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