Uncle Dirty photo essay

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Mike Belleme's Uncle Dirty was a bodybuilder on New York City's muscle beaches in the middle of last century. He and his wife Alga now live in Jacksonville, Florida. Uncle Dirty still rubs himself down with baby oil and parades around in thongs that he makes himself. Sometimes, the police hassle him about it, especially when he goes to the beach. One of Uncle Dirty's hobbies, besides sewing thongs, is pasting photos of giant penises on male bodies he finds in magazines. Belleme recently decided to do a photo essay of his great Uncle Dirty, a real character. Link (NSFW) (Thanks, Uncle Barty Nagel!)


  1. LAWL!! That is one big old-man penis. And no asking for unicorn chasers please, this is amusing, not disgusting (except for maybe the one of him bending over XD).

  2. LOL. Now, why is this site running so slow? Is it the platform that Boing Boing uses? It’s not a problem on my end, because other sites that are just as media rich load a lot faster than this place does.

  3. Good grief. Some of the pics that he’s displaying on the TV look like they’re edging into goatse territory.

  4. Looks like there were complaints on the linked site “This Account Has Been Suspended
    Please contact the support department as soon as possible, and please have your site name ready.”

  5. I snagged a copy of the page if anyone wants to set up a mirror. One of the most fascinating things I’ve read in weeks.

  6. I did a bit of looking into it, talked to their tech support (they didn’t even ask my name, just the website), and this is what I got:

    “Alright, I see that the account was suspended because there were a large amount of connections and it was affecting our other customers. Also, it looks like they found some adult content on the account as well. You would need to either limit the connections, delete the files that were causing that many connections, or find a more dedicated host that can handle that many connections. You would also need to remove the adult content.”

  7. Seems about right. All adults must be removed from the internet. Certainly can’t be having that can we.

  8. For this to be deemed adult content, someone has to take a prurient interest in it. Anybody here willing to admit having a prurient interest in Uncle Dirty?

  9. does “prurient” mean a hypnotic, horrified fascination like the one you get watching your intestines being slowly yarded out on a little gilt windlass?

  10. This is actually a really good photo essay. I coudla done without the butt-juice stain on the thong, but what’d’ya do.

  11. If Uncle Dirty didn’t exist, R. Crumb would have had to invent him.As a matter of fact, he should do a biography!

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