Steve Lodefink guestblogging Dinosaurs and Robots


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  1. Elvis Gump says:

    Aw, I thought it was a ventriloquist dummy the way it was posed, but now I notice the kiddie sneakers. Too bad, it would be a great gimmick for a ventriloquist act.

    But hey, if he used his kid and a spot-on James Earl Jones voice – perhaps an accomplice backstage doing the voice so no ventriloquism was actually required- carried the kid out like a dummy, had the kid do no more than turn his head as though he were a dummy and then for the finale leap off his lap and they ‘dual’ with lightsabers to get off stage it would be pretty funny.

    That is if one wanted a Forceful “ventriloquist” act…

  2. misterjalopy says:

    Elvis, you make a compelling case.

  3. Bruce Arthurs says:

    One of my (minor) interests is the African mbira, a “thumb piano” that traditionally uses a gourd as a sound chamber.

    I came across a different version a few years ago, using a coconut shell for the chamber.

    Much sweeter sound from the coconut.

  4. flyingdutchman says:

    The Altoids tin does have *one* very clear advantage over the coconut shell: It has built-in electrostatic screening. Reliably screening a coconut shell is not going to be easy.

  5. scaught says:

    I love the little coconut speaker. Adorable!

  6. misterjalopy says:

    Oh, it is more hilarious than you realize. That diminutive Darth Vader is Steve’s son.

  7. Fnarf says:

    The incredible force of Junior!

  8. NikFromNYC says:

    Coconut milk, unlike bitter instead of sweet cow milk, tastes like human milk. High milage lapdance days in NYC were the source of this observation.

    A search shows that sites that sell coconut bras are all out of D cups, but also indicate that coconuts can indeed be polished to look like a spotted ebony.

    A search for coconut lumber (akin to bamboo lumber) only turns up normal forestry having nothing to do with the fruit.

    On drying, coconut shells tend to crack after a few weeks, so a quick inner scrapping/sanding/drying followed by a scooped on coating of fiberglass in epoxy would make such projects last longer. Enough 1/16″ fiberglass filler makes epoxy not run.

  9. Unanimous Cowherd says:

    Cool — but what really blew me away was the digital version of CRAFT magazine that was linked above. Wow! Amazing look, speed, controls, and nary a PDF in sight. How do they do that? Anybody know? I’d love to get any scoop on that beautiful code.

  10. palindromic says:

    Darth, Luke, Bono is your father. (wtf)

  11. icky2000 says:

    Dinos & Robots looks neat, Mark! Steve looks a little like Bono in that pic.

  12. Stefan Jones says:

    Another blog?

    Uh . . . Mark? How many of you are there? Does cloning hurt?

  13. Elvis Gump says:

    I want to know if that dummy of mini-Darth means he has a ventriloquist act?

    I could imagine a tiny Vader would have considerable comic implications.

    I’ve scanned over his site and didn’t see an explanation for that picture. Please tell me there’s a hilarious ventriloquist bit to go with that funny as hell picture.

  14. deanj says:

    “Although coconut shells do have some well established niche market uses such as novelty tableware and small caged-pet shelters,…”

    How could you miss coconut bikini top?

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