Monitor slime with embossed Dell logo

A Gizmodo's reader sent in a set of photos of the gross, slimy muck that was discovered under a slovenly cow-orker's monitor. It's a dust-furred coffee-spill with a DELL logo embossed in the middle of it from where the slime-critters were forced to grow around the monitor's molded plastic. Link


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  2. I’m confused about the Dell logo. If it were embossed from the logo itself, wouldn’t the logo be reversed on the slime pool?

  3. Anonymous @3, it is reversed. Look at it. The E should be pointing up, not down — that will tell you it’s backwards. (Tilt your head to the right.)

    Do Dell monitors have the logo embossed on the bottom? I’m having trouble visualizing where the spill was originally.

  4. What that is:

    Look at one of the dell desktops, like something out of the GX260 or 270 line. They’ve got the word DELL embossed in their sides. This was under a tube monitor on top of a desktop. The DE logo is from the side of a computer.

    Notice how it’s vaguely round-esque.. Just like older Dell tube monitor bases..

  5. So. . . you gonna plug that 1/8-inch balanced plug into the mess and see what it sounds like through the desktop speakers?

  6. 1/8″ plugs are rarely, if ever balanced. You’d need XLR, or a balanced 1/4″ jack connector for that.

  7. (sorry, I used “balanced” because of the two rings, I guess thinking about an insert cable. duh– I confused it all in my head, should have said “stereo” I guess).

  8. Wow, that was confusing at first…
    That’s not slime. Coffee+milk spilled under some Dell equipment (the base of a CRT monitor or maybe a tower?) got mouldy, then slowly dried up. It’s basically crusty dried coffee now.

  9. “I am glad that at least one person noted the cow-orker typo.”

    I’m glad at least one person thinks it was a typo.

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