Muppet popculture photoshopping contest

Today on the Worth 1000 photoshopping contest -- pop culture remixes of puppets, especially Muppets. Link


  1. For the record – Piggy doesn’t have hooves.

    Very funny stuff. It even made the cow puppet I had on my hand spew milk from its nose.


  2. I wonder how long it would take Jim Henson Foundation to send their lawyers to Worth 1000 to take down these Photoshops?

  3. All this time, I thought that pigs were treif because they didn’t part the hoof, but it’s because they don’t chew their cud. You learn something every day. Do vegans eat muppet?

  4. Antinous, I believe that blowing either requirement is enough to make them trefe, in the same way that seafood that has fins but no scales or scales but no fins is trefe.

  5. Philosophical quandary for males: what if your were bored with your girlfriend. Really bored. And along comes a Miss Piggy type, age 19 instead of 39, so fat is really just baby fat, and, well, you know, she, uh, “gets it” in bed. But like a real pig she has bad facial skin. Like you are learning to real braille by caressing her on the face, even though her piggies and ribs and rumpus are all better than you’ve ever seen in a porn? What do you do? A “two bagger” means to turn the lights off and put a bag on her head, possibly not just one. What do you do? Every man I have ever asked this question of, said it was a stupid question because not only do superior brains and breasts correlate, on average, but so does clear skin, all organs being healthy or unhealthy at once, or not.

  6. @NikFromNYC erm…..I dunno about all that double baggin biz, but if I’m that scared of it, nevermind ya know. Anyhow, picture is cracking up. Love it!

  7. I always thought that double bagging referred to more personal supplies. If they make you wear one, you probably didn’t need it: If they don’t make you wear one, you should probably wear two.

    And, Nik, if you can’t see your partner, it doesn’t bust the slump. You of all people should know that.

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