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  1. The Dangerous Book For Boys is flippin’ awesome!

    It legitimizes every sharp, flaming and explosive endeavour I undertake with my son – much to his mother’s chagrin and concern. It’s okay though – we still have all our fingers.

    But there’s even really cool simple stuff in those pages, like making a battery out of pennies and vinegar.

    My only quibble is: they don’t go far enough. They need to issue a full-blown “McGyver” version with recipes for thermite and how to gut & skin a squirrel – which, oddly enough, can be found in earlier editions of “The Joy Of Cooking”.


  2. I looked through the Dangerous Book for Boys in about 3 minutes at a clients house & felt the only danger was to to ones cash flow. There’s nothing even remotely dangerous in there as I recall & nothing that compares to the stuff we used to get out of the library as kids in the 60s & 70’s. Instructables “no liability” section is much more fun & dangerous.
    I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the neon light transformer I’ve got stashed in the recesses of my shop.

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