Teller survives zombie uprising with conjuring and sniper rifle

Magician Teller of Penn and Teller's produced a hilarious -- and magical -- short video about his life as the sole survivor of a zombie uprising. Teller stays alive by fighting the walking dead with a rifle and simple conjuring tricks, and narrates his experience with a fine-tuned patter that suggests that he doesn't have to be the silent partner in the act. Link (Thanks, Justin!)


  1. FWIW, Teller is rarely completely silent in P&T’s stage shows. I’ve seen them 6 or 7 times, and I don’t recall a time where we DIDN’T hear from Teller. Of course, the audience wasn’t informed that’s who we were hearing — usually he was doing the voice of MOFO the Gorilla.

    Additionally, if you ever go to a P&T show and stick around for autograph signing afterwards, he’ll happily speak with you in depth on any number of topics. The mute thing is just the persona he uses while he’s on stage, but it something he’s very quick to shed both in the wings and in public. Neat, brilliant guy. Now to go watch this video, which I’m sure rocks.

  2. Magic, schmagick,
    We just made Teller’s web site disappear!
    And that’s no Bullsh*t!

  3. The silent schtick of Teller actually he picked up before he worked with Penn, its a useful way to annoy hecklers, but when its not a magic show he speaks rather eloquently about a great deal of things. I believe he narrated a documentary series on the history of magic, a subject that is near and dear to his heart… we don’t know where his heart is at the moment mind you… probably in some luggage carousel in Topeka.

  4. In fact, both Penn & Teller provided voices, along with Bridget Fonda, Glenn Close & Christopher Plummer in the Rene Laloux-directed sci-fi animated movie Light Year.

    Teller is a collaborator on a production of Macbeth currently playing at the Folger Theater in DC where he’s brought back some of the gore and stage magic implicit in the script. He did a roundtable discussion about it a couple weeks back.

    I love the silent shtick, especially in contrast to Penn’s brassy bombast, but I’d love to see a show when they switch it up for once. Or would that be a stunty shark-jumping moment?

  5. I dunno, if anyone could pull off a stunty, shark-jumping moment, it might be them. Apropos of nothing, anyone remember a young Penn playing a small-time coke dealer (paired up with Steve Buscemi) on Miami Vice?

  6. Was this one of the videos for consideration in George A Romero’s ‘Diary of the Dead’ Contest? If it was, then it’s my pick for the winner.

  7. #10: Yes, there’s a link on the linked-to site which says just that.

    Great little video. Very dry but funny.

    Teller did several pieces for National Public Radio years ago.

  8. Teller was a teacher before he joined Penn. I’m sure silence was a welcome relief for him after that.

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