Using Mathematica to decorate Easter Eggs

Kathryn writes, "I spent a while last night and this morning decorating Easter eggs in Mathematica and this activity has proved wildly popular in this household: My children are going to run me out of toner in my color printer very shortly. My daughter has made a document entitled 'My Little Egg Book' out of egg printouts." Link, Link to equations for egg shapes


  1. I’ve been using Mathematica since just before the 2.0 release, and have recently switched to Sage. Haven’t given it a real killer workout yet, but everything I’ve tried, it has done, and done well. It includes some fairly extensive graphics support, so Easter eggs shouldn’t be a problem.

    Sage is open source under GPL 2 and written in Python. It incorporates a lot of excellent scientific code already available in Python (Numpy, Scipy, etc.) with the advantage of a uniform interface. It seems to be reaching critical mass in the community, and it has the huge advantage over Mathematica et al that you can get at the code and see exactly what it is doing.

    Definitely worth a look.

  2. This is deee-lightful! My kids spend so much time on the computer…this is a good way for them to partake in the wonderful Easter holiday without having to leave the constrants of their computers – great!

  3. You do realize, of course, that gold leaf-encrust on real eggs would be much, much cheaper.

    You are paying HP approximately $4,500 per gallon for that printer ink.

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