Maximum City: exhausting and beautiful love-note to Mumbai


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  1. hackorama says:


    More of Mumbai/Bombay : Love and Longing in Bombay (Stories) by Vikram Chandra. Or India via London : Londonstani by Gautam Malkani

  2. Nora Rocket says:

    Recommendation: going to Mumbai. Unforgetable. Book looks great – looking forward to reading it.

  3. angusm says:

    Recommendation seconded. I bought a copy in the Mumbai airport to read on the flight home, after spending a few days there recently. Not only was it a fascinating read in itself, it also helped me make sense of various things about Mumbai and India.

    It’s also about much more than Mumbai. Many of the things he talks about are significant on a global scale (such as the complex international connections involving organized crime, terrorism and governments), and he makes a convincing case that Mumbai is a kind of case study for understanding tomorrow’s megacities.

    And as Cory has probably discovered, there is no shortage of events, concepts and characters in his work that are just waiting to be ‘repurposed’ as fiction.

  4. mikelmaron says:

    Cory, in Mumbai there’s a great community of open source and open knowledge people in Mumbai and India you should meet on your trip, let me know if you want an intro. They generously hosted Schuyler Erle and myself last month — we led OpenStreetMap workshops throughout India.

    I’ve been writing up our geek travel adventures too.

  5. ZioStefano says:

    < hrf="">Lts Ply Mmb Frggr!

  6. Avi Solomon says:

    I also recommend ‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts as a great introduction to this crazy city:
    Full disclosure: I spent the first 19 years of my life there:)

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