Monster robot heads for space station

Astronauts plan to take off for the International Space Station on Tuesday where they will assemble a massive two-armed robot named Dextre. Once built, the 3,400 pound robot will be 12-feet tall and feature 11-foot arms. Dextre was designed by the Canadian Space Agency to conduct external work on the space station. From the Associated Press:
 Us.Yimg.Com P Ap 20080306 Capt.662Afefd624743F393B9Aeae8B7Ef769.Space Shuttle Ny128 "Now I wouldn't go as far to say that we're worried it's going to go run amok and take over the space station or turn evil or anything because we all know how it's operated and it doesn't have a lot of its own intelligence," (astronaut Garrett) Reisman told The Associated Press last week.

"But I'll tell you something ... He's enormous and to see him with his giant arms, it is a little scary. It's a little monstrous, it is."
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  1. “Dextre, by the way, isn’t necessarily a ‘he.'”

    All the evidence one needs to see is the provided photo.

    Or, it may be that I’ve seen one too many robot hentai flicks.

  2. “the 3,400 pound robot will be 12-feet tall and feature 11-foot arms”

    It’s a fantastic piece of tech and I can’t wiat to see it in action but I’m dismayed that they didn’t give it a much, much more ominous name.

  3. Okay, I mis-parsed the headline and the picture. I thought it was saying that someone (NASA?) would be providing some “monster robot heads for space station”. I.e., someone noticed that with all of its new extensions, the space station was beginning to resemble a Transformer, so there was going to be another module added at one end, with that module looking like a big robot head.

    Which I still think would be a pretty cool idea.

  4. sadly, MDA, the Canadian based company that built the Canadarm and Dextre is being sold to an American company. Nothing wrong with American companies, but it’s always been nice to see that little Canada logo on the Canadarm. I’d imagine it will soon be rebranded, perhaps to Pepsi or someother multinational. The walmart arm?

  5. I agree with Bugs @ #6. I *much* better name would have been ‘Sinistre’. Or maybe just ‘Lefty’.

  6. If it’s Canadian, it’s got DRM on it and won’t work with the Space Station systems!

    Oh, noes!!!

  7. The main moneter robot heading for the international space station is Europe’s “Jules Verne” space truck.

    Go Europe! Someone had to step up and replace that antiquated, expensive and unreliable shuttle!!! ;)

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