Oil paintings inspired by Internet memes

Czech painter Jeremiah Palecek -- previously featured here for his oil paintings from classic video games -- is now painting oils of Internet Memes (pictured here: Dramatic Hamster Prairie Dog). Link

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  1. yipe, there’s one NSFW painting near the bottom of the page. Heads up.

    Interesting link, otherwise.

  2. It’s Drama Prairie Dog.

    And Techno Viking would make a nice stocking stuffer if anyone’s feeling generous.

  3. That link desperately needs a NSFW… you’ll be hearing from my lawyers when I get kicked to the curb.

    /My fault for Boing Boinging at work, but still…

  4. it’s worth noting that the exclamation-prompting NSFW image at the bottom is a close-up, cropped shot of a classic painting “L’Origine du monde” from 1866 by courbet. still shocking – art FTW!

  5. So. . . it used to be said “art imitates life”. . . now what exactly do we call THIS?

    Anyway, the groundhog/whistlepig/prairie dog one is quite nice.

  6. Wait a minute! Where are the REAL memes?

    Where’s nutsack squirrel?

    Paint huffer dude?

    Mustard Guy?


    Hamster Dance?


    WTF does he think this is?

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