Los héroes están cansados (photo)


5 Responses to “Los héroes están cansados (photo)”

  1. Bookyloo says:

    the *blog* is NSFW (which is why it says “contains adults-only material”, natch) but the flickr page is totally SFW and sweet.

  2. Pineiro says:

    again, proudly from Chile.
    Just like La Pequeña Prohibida and La Pequeña Amy Winehouse.

  3. CitrusFreak12 says:

    A warning of NSFW would be nice. Like, REALLY NICE. But thanks for sharing this, it’s great.

  4. Takuan says:

    back to the not suitable for work thing? Really? Where do you work? Which images are a problem there?

  5. Doran says:

    A really lovely image.
    And yea, both SFW & SFSXSW.

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