Car belonging to Field Notes proprietor's sister hit by space junk


Lewman says: "Aaron Draplin, proud proprietor of Field Notes brand notebooks [which I blogged about earlier today -- Mark], also has a great blog. And today, something you Boingboingers might find interesting... Drap's younger sister's car was pranged by what is being investigated by Portland State University professors as a meteor strike."

They think they might’ve run something over, or were hit by another car. The impact is that violent. They pull over and notice a large hole in the quarter panel behind the driver’s side front wheel. They cautiously drive back out on to the freeway and take the first exit to further inspect the hole. They don’t notice anything too specific, aside from the gaping hole in the car.

The next day Leah gets on the ringer with her insurance company. She takes the car into a body shop and the guys there are freaking out after they extract this insane hunk of metal from the car. The car suffered some $3000 in damages from the possible interstellar attack.