Feeding the microbes within


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  1. Michael says:

    Well, given that all the organelles in your cells (like your mitochondria) are effectively symbiotic bacteria, too, the notion that we’re all walking bacterial mats isn’t too freaky.

  2. shannonpatrick17 says:

    Literary Freeware: Not for Commercial Use

    F&SF Science Column #15: “Bitter Resistance”

  3. tedweinstein says:

    Anyone interested in learning more about this topic might be interested in THE PROBIOTICS REVOLUTION, by University of Michigan researcher Gary Huffnagle.

  4. ndollak says:

    This has been known for a long time, although the actual ratio of human-to-non-human cells in one’s bod is still a matter of speculation. One bit of wording that bugs me (pun intended): “We’re sort of a superorganism–one that’s 90 percent microbial.” I believe if one were to investigate other organisms, it would turn out that there’s nothing terribly unique or unusual about our microbe count. Instead of “superorganism,” which implies something out-of-the-ordinary, “colonial organism” might be a better term. Symbiotic relationships are very likely the norm among multicellular creatures, and the larger the “host” organism, the greater the percentage & variety of little tenants occupying its real estate.

  5. beaurybe says:

    We are less sentient beings and more-so a conglomeration of basic life, walking around, changing things.

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